10 Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is more than just a practice. It is a union of the soul with the main supreme power of the universe.

There are some other major effects of the other elements of Yoga in our daily life.

From several benefits of Yoga and its practice few are given below:-


It Helps To Build a Better Immune System

The immune system of our body is referred to as a network of complex cell and protein which help to fight against any infection.

Our immune system kept the information of every virus or microbe which ever it fights against and helps in a further attack.

These cells and proteins guard our body against any infection. If there is any loss in our immune system network it causes disease, we quickly fall ill and life lies in danger.

To boost our immune system some Yoga Practices play an important role such as Cobra Pose, Surya Namaskar, Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, etc.

These practices help to improve the metabolism and digestive system which helps to break the protein and essential element by which internal organs get the proper amount of energy.

It also helps to get adequate sleep which minimizes the stress.

Improve the Motion of Joints and Muscles

The movement of our body happens through its joints (also known as synovial joints) and muscles provide them strength. There is a synovial fluid present in our every joint which helps to reduces the friction between two bone.

With every movement of joints, there is a contraction and relaxation of the muscles that are attached to the bones.

The practice of some dynamic yogic exercise helps to increase the flexibility and mobility of joints.

It also helps to lose weight quickly which releases the pressure from the bones and minimizes the cause of arthritis.


The process of removing the toxin (impurities present in the blood) or cleansing the blood mainly carried out by the liver.

Detoxification helps to increase the functionality of the kidney, liver, our intestines.

It helps to glow the skin by removing the toxins from sweating glands.

With the help of Yogic Practices, it detoxifies the body as well as the mind and stops all the upheaval.

Improve the Functioning of the Blood Circulatory System

The circulation of blood throughout the whole body provides the essential nutrients and oxygen to all organs which improve their working ability and provides the body with good health.

The heart is a very important component of this system which pumps the blood all the time with a rate.

Any disturbance caused danger effect on the body.

To maintain the good heart rate Yoga provides various practices such as Ustrasana (Camel Pose), Adho Mukha Swaanasana (Downward-Facing Dog), Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, etc.


The ability to clear the path of your mind, improve the personality through self-introspection, and got to aware of yourself is Self-awareness.

It also builds confidence which helps to live a good life in society and fight against any anxiety disorders.

Meditation in Yogic tradition plays a key role to control the senses and provides mindfulness.

It transcends the physical reality and shows the truth.


Good Health of Body and Mind Build a Good Society

From the effects of Yogic practices such as Asanas, Meditation, and Pranayama it can be measured that it brings better changes not only from the perspective of physical health but also in our daily life, like how to treat someone, taking own responsibilities, and helping others without any expectations.

Reduce the Traits of Mental Illness

Nowadays Mental health problems are quite common, which is influence by the lifestyle, environment and some have genetic.

Somewhere it also affects the behavior and mood which have a great impact on their daily life and relations.

Yogic Practices helps to boost mood and control the emotions.

It prevents us from many mental disorders like Anxiety, Hypertension, Disinterest, and Exhaustion, etc.

Improve Focus and Concentration

To accomplish any objective in life concentration is needed, without it, the mind gets easily distracted.

To control the movement of the mind Meditation is an appropriate practice.

Meditate only for 4-5 min daily give a great remarkable effect.

The Major Effect on Nervous System

The nervous system is an arrangement of nerve cells and fiber (also called neurons) that provide all kinds of information to our brain from the other part of the body in the fastest way.

It is kind of a road map to the brain. The main part of our nervous system is Spine and Brain.

With some Yoga practices, mindfulness and physical strength could be achieved which directly put a better impact on the nervous system like Bhastrika Pranayama (Breath of fire), Nadi Shodhan, and Surya Namaskar, etc.

Maintain the Balance in Prana

Prana is known as a life source to our body without its body is felt discomfort and unrest prevail.

Prana is connected with the breath in gross form.

Improves breathing improve the effect on the respiratory and blood circulation system.

Pranayama Yoga is a better option in Yogic Practice for improving breathing techniques.

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