5 Minute Yoga for Kids

Kids, they are beautiful and lovely and it also becomes our responsibilities to keep them away from all kinds of bad habits and disease.

When they start going to school, since then the responsibility of their study and good result increases which makes them nervous and anxious. At the beginning of their journey of life, they start feeling trouble and may fall ill.

The practice of yoga influences kids as well and that helps them to build their good habits, improve their appetite, and make them smart.

Kids will become the future of our generation, with good knowledge and values they will make it better.

There are many 5-minute practices in yoga for kids by which they can get a beneficial result, which helps them to boost immunity, sharpen the mind, improve confidence, etc.


Best Yoga For Kids

Surya Namaskar (5-min)

The daily 5 min practice of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) helps to increases immunity in kids. It improves mobility and flexibility in children and helps them to grow faster.

It is scientifically proven that Kid’s brain consumes more energy than an adult male.

Good appetite, a better dose of healthy food, and digestion are very important requirements to produce more energy.

With the daily 5-min practice of Surya Namaskar improve the digestion in children which helps to build their good appetite for better growth.

This practice also strengthens muscle power in their body which helps kids in their playings.

Note:- Kids have a soft body structure, don’t push so hard and it would be even better if they learn under the guidance of a well-experienced teacher before practice.

12 Poses of Surya Namaskar with Mantra

Pranayama (5-min)

Well-breathing techniques improve to build a good memory power in kids which helps them in their studies and learning.

Kids practice any one of pranayama for 5-min related to their benefits such as Nadi Shodhan for purification of Nadi (bloodstream), Bhramari for sharpening the mind, Bhastrika for improving breathing, etc.

Note:- Kids are supposed to practice Kumbhaka only under the guidance of the teacher.

Pranayama Yoga

Some Other Daily 5-Minute Easy Yoga Poses for Kids

In Yoga Asana there are around 84 lakhs asanas from which some are very advanced and some are for beginners.

Kids choose any of them for 5-min.


Sukhasana (Easy Pose) 5-min

According to its name, it is easy to perform but very important in our daily life. It is a very useful asana to practice Meditation and Pranayama.

There are simple step need to follow to perform Sukhasana:-

  • Sit on mat comfortably, make sure your spine and neck are erect and straight.
  • Cross your legs, keep the left foot down and the right foot up, place hand over on knees in Gyan or Chin Mudra, and close the eyes. Both feet should be under thighs.
  • Change the position of feet after a while and meditate.

Padmasana (5-min)

Paad means foot in Sanskrit and Asana means Posture. This pose is very similar to Sukhasana but a little bit advanced.

This pose has a major effect on knee joints.

  • After sitting comfortably on mat fold your leg like that left foot come over the right thigh and right foot comes over left.
  • Neck and Spine should be straight and erect, shoulder open.
  • Close eyes for Meditation and even practice some Pranayama.
  • Countering the pose is also necessary, change the position of legs again.

Setu Bandh (Bridge Pose)

Bridge Pose is very good for Kids. It has a great effect on the nervous system and brain, which helps kids to become better in their studies and extracurricular activities. It is also easy to perform.

Follow the steps below:-

  • Lie flat back on the mat, open legs similar to shoulder.
  • Fold legs that it touches hips and lifts the belly upside.
  • Hands should be straight and palm facing downside.
  • Hold maximum for 2 min then slowly come down and release the body.
  • Again practice twice or thrice for more flexibility.

Yoga for Kids Benefits

  • Daily 5-min the practice of Yoga helps kids to grow faster, increase the ability to learn for their studies and games.
  • Boost immunity so that it could prevent dangerous infections. Kids have a higher possibility of getting infected from various diseases such as dengue, cholera, and typhoid, etc.
  • It makes them strong. Various dynamic Yoga practice helps them to gain better strength and stamina.
  • Improve the digestive system which helps the kid to get more nutrients from food and better the appetite also.
  • Yoga also teaches how to behave with others and gives them good value to make a better society in the future.
  • These practices for 5-min also helps by preventing other mental disorders like anxiety, lack of confidence, and depression.

बेस्ट योगा फॉर किड्स
बच्चों के लिए कुछ अन्य दैनिक 5-मिनट आसान योग की खुराक
योगा फॉर किड्स बेनिफिट्स

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