Benefits Of Pranayama


Significant Benefits of Daily Pranayama Practice It helps to raise the immune system which prevents our body from viruses and diseases. Heat providing pranayama such as Surya Bhedi, Bhastrika, etc helps to maintain the metabolism, burn the extra fat which makes our digestive system better and helps to lose the extra weight. Some coolness providing pranayama such as Chandra Bhedi, Sheetali,

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How to do Practice Pranayama


How to Practice Nadi Shodhan Pranayama First sit comfortably on your mat in sukhasana, padmasana, or siddhasana ensure that your spine and neck should be straight. Take a few breaths to relax and make a gentle pace of your breathing. Now close your eyes and with your right hand make Pranav Mudra (mainly used while doing pranayama). The left hand should

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Types of Pranayama


Nadi Shodhan Pranayama Nadi means the Psychic channel of our body similar to our nerve but very subtle in nature and Shodhan means Purification. The main aim of this pranayama is to purify the whole of Nadi’s present in our body. In the beginning, start with the slow pace and when you feel more comfortable you could use this pranayama with

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