Tadasana (Mountain Pose or Palm Tree Pose) Tadasana is a standing posture used in all styles of Yoga when starting the sequence of the standing poses, it is also known as Samasthithi means equally, or balanced stand. Tada is a Sanskrit word which means mountain and asana meaning pose or posture, in some yogic text it is also known as palm

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Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)


Vrikshasana (Tree Pose) Vriksh is a Sanskrit word which means tree. This pose symbolized the stability like a tree that standstill and growing higher. This pose helps kids to grow faster like trees. It is believed and mentioned, in the ancient text of India that this pose was used to performed by sages for the penance of the gods, due to

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Gomukhasana (Cow’s Face Pose)


What is Gomukhasana (Cow’s Face Pose) This pose is believed simple and easy to perform with many great benefits. Gomukh is a Sanskrit word which means cow face, in this position the shape of both knees signifies the face of a cow; therefore it is known as Gomukhasasna. It is a well-seated posture that also fulfills the purpose of prolonged meditation.

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