Corporate Yoga


Yoga for corporates Nowadays many forms of Yoga are coming out and Corporate Yoga is one of them. Basically, this form of Yogic practices carried out during office time which increases the workability of the mind and helps to reduce the stress in employees. Due to the business of work in the life of an employee or a worker they don’t

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Yoga Poses For Depression


What is Depression? Depression, that word is the most common mental disorder among people nowadays whether it happens to a 12 yr old kid or 60 yr old man. It is also a cause of many severe diseases like a loss in appetite, Hypertension, Paralysis, etc. but in some cases, it may lead to suicide which is not right. Quiting is

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5 Minute Yoga for Kids


Kids, they are beautiful and lovely and it also becomes our responsibilities to keep them away from all kinds of bad habits and disease. When they start going to school, since then the responsibility of their study and good result increases which makes them nervous and anxious. At the beginning of their journey of life, they start feeling trouble and may

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