Meditative Activities


6 Ways Meditative Activities Meditation If you want to achieve mindfulness meditation is a good practice that provides physical and mental benefits to you. But here we will not discuss the process where you have to sit on a mat for a long time in a meditative posture. Meditation is a state where a person’s mind becomes stable and calm without

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Yogic Diet Plan


What is Yogic Diet Yogic diet plan included the food which contains Sattvic Guna. Sattva is a quality in which means pure, natural, clean, vital-energy are comprises. This diet is not allowed for any kind of non-vegetarian food. The concept of Mittahara was emphasized in Yoga which means moderation in eating or a balanced diet. A yogic diet plan is prescribed

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Yoga Facts


Yoga Facts you may have never know Yoga is a very popular practice in today’s world. Yoga has a very vast region to explore and it is almost impossible to find the end of it. There are lots of facts about Yoga about which people have less information, found in several texts of Hinduism like Srimad Bhagwat Geeta, Rigved, Upanishad, Gheranda

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