Corporate Yoga

Yoga for corporates

Nowadays many forms of Yoga are coming out and Corporate Yoga is one of them. Basically, this form of Yogic practices carried out during office time which increases the workability of the mind and helps to reduce the stress in employees. Due to the business of work in the life of an employee or a worker they don’t have enough time to pay attention to their physical or mental health. For any company, employees are their main asset, and it’s their responsibility also to take care of them.

As we know the benefits of Yogic Practices, Yoga teachers introduced these practices in the corporate world where an employee can do it comfortably while sitting in a chair or during a break.

People in the corporate world easily get frustrated because of their stress. They suffer from ailment very soon like neck issues, back pain, cervical problems, weakness in eyesight, and joints problems. These problems put a major effect on their work and as well as in personal life, sometimes change in behavior is also noticed.


In the corporate world, there should be a requirement of a healthy atmosphere, for which they need to hire some fitness teacher or Yoga teacher for practice and awareness. A healthy body and mind improve the quality of work. By stretching your body for 2-3 mins on the chair or standing, open the blocked nerve, and circulate the blood to the whole body which helps to improves in the efficiency of work.

In offices, if someone doesn’t have a facility of the Yoga teacher, here are some practices which puts a better effect on body and mind, which help to improve the quality of work and health.

Benefits Of Pranayama

Neck Twisting

Working hard in the office with an unstraight neck causes a severe problem like cervical and sleepiness.

Take a break while sitting on a chair or standing follow the below steps:-

  • First straight the neck and spine.
  • Then first, twist with ease from left to right and right to left for 5 times.
  • Inhale from one side and release to the other.
  • Then change the direction to up and down 5 times.
  • Inhale when moving neck up and exhale when down.
  • Release deep inhale and exhale, repeat the cycle for 2-3 times.

Eyeball Movement

Sitting in front of a screen for long could damage or weaken the eyesight.

Follow the steps below to reduce this problem:-

  • Sit or stand with straight neck and spine.
  • Close your eyes, place middle and ring finger on it, close your ears with the thumbs, index finger over the eyebrows, and little fingers down to the chin. This mudra is known as Shatmukhi Mudra
  • Now move eyeball left to right and up-down for 2mins.
  • After that, rub both palms and place them over closed eyes and slowly open it and then relaxed.
  • For more benefits create a sound like a bumblebee or as we do in Bhramari Pranayama, it will help to calm the mind.


Spine Twisting

Spine Twisting helps to rejuvenate the nervous system and makes a good spine structure.

  • Deep inhale and exhale.
  • Grab the left handle of the chair.
  • Twist the torso left side.
  • Inhale come to the center and then again move the torso to the right side with exhalation.
  • The same practice could be performed while standing.
  • Grab and interlock the hand behind the back.
  • Exhale, Bent torso little bit forward and move hands up higher.
  • Release and practice again for 2-3 min.

Joint Movement

Movement of joints helps to prevent cramps in muscles.

  • Movement of the ankle, move ankle one by one, up-down and side by side.
  • Movement of the knee joint, up-down.
  • Shoulder movement, back and forth, it helps to remove the tension from shoulder muscles and neck.
  • Open and close the fist, move up-down, and side by side.


  • Stand in your proper place.
  • Interlock the fingers with each other and raise hands higher.
  • Stand on toes and stretch torso upward.
  • The position of hands should remain the same, and then heel has to be taken down.
  • Do side bending, bend torso to the left side, and then the right side.
  • This practice improves the flexibility and mobility of the body.


Meditation has a major influence on the body and mind but It is hard to meditate during office time but if we do for only 2-3 mins during break time it helps to improve the ability of concentration and remove the frustration.

  • Sitting in the chair, close eyes, and relax.
  • Do not move any part of the body and try to focus on breathing.
  • Or head down on the desk for 2-3 mins without any movement of the body parts.
  • Do not sleep and be aware of your breathing.
  • This practice helps to remove the tension and unusual chattering of the mind.

Meditation and Its Benefits


  • Do not sit too long on the chair it will damage the cells presents in hips muscles.
  • Take relax for 5 mins every hour.
  • For refreshment wash hands and face with cold water.
  • Take proper sleep at home, it is necessary.

With a healthy mind and body, people can perform very well in their company as well as in their life also.

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