Meditative Activities

6 Ways Meditative Activities


If you want to achieve mindfulness meditation is a good practice that provides physical and mental benefits to you. But here we will not discuss the process where you have to sit on a mat for a long time in a meditative posture.

Meditation is a state where a person’s mind becomes stable and calm without any stress, anxiety, or depression traits. When someone aware of the body and mind, soon the person will clear all doubt about his character or individual personality. When a person can introspect itself then the path becomes clear.

To find Mindfulness Yogic meditation is the way but not the only way. That is what Yoga teaches us you need to find the concentration, focus, and relaxation of mind outside in our environment and inside our body.


The human structure has three main elements body-mind-spirit. Different states of meditation are experienced in these three components and in order to make that experience deep and vivid different techniques and processes are adopted.

There are other lots of meditative activities by which one can achieve mindfulness, are down below:-


Relaxation of body and mind is as important as work. Most people are busy in there work-life with full of work pressure and they don’t get enough time to properly relax not even a proper sleep. After some time they suffer from some problems with their health and lifestyle. Then they come to join meditation practice to stabilize the mind and health.

Relaxation doesn’t mean lay down on the couch all day or become lazy, it means you need to take rest from your work which affects your daily life, and it helps to reduce the pressure from the mind. Take proper sleep because our brain consumes 20% of energy from the whole body as compared to other organs and it needs enough relaxation to restore that energy again.

Be Grounded

Always be grounded, it doesn’t matter how much you earn in a day or how many followers do you have, in the end, everyone has to leave this world empty-handed. Be humble and polite with others it helps you to stay away from anxiety and stress.

We should always be connected to our reality.

Introspect Yourself

Introspecting self is not an art, what you need to understand is about your mistakes. Whatever you do you will get the same that is the rule of karma.

Introspecting is the process where you are trying to find out the faults that we did by mistake or intentionally which helps you to find out the way of rectifying.

If there is any regret in anyone’s life the only thing that can be done is confession or remorse.

No matter how good or bad you are in the situation, never stop loving yourself. Loving yourself doesn’t mean being selfish at all, it means that you give proper respect to your body, emotions, soul, and mind. If you know how to respect yourself then you also respect others.

Learning New Skills

Learning new skills is great to improve the lifestyle and it is a well meditative activity like singing, dancing, cooking, etc. It has a great impact on our brain by learning new activities and prevent bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, etc.

In our modern world, we can learn a lot of new things without any difficulties like the availability of teachers and resources, nowadays in most of the social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, etc the information is totally free.

Healthy Diet

Just as the body needs both work and rest, similarly it also needs to eat healthy and good food. Good nutritious food keeps the body healthy which supports all the organs of the body to function well.

The same as the nature of our food is, the same nature comes inside our body by eating that food. That’s why in the Yogic diet there is only a recommendation of vegetarian Satvik food.

Eating healthy food keeps the body away from all diseases, whether it is physical or mental and therefore it is also like a meditative practice.


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