Silent Mantra Meditation

Mantra is a spiritual syllable sound or group of words that is used to pay our gratitude or praying purpose towards god.

One other meaning of Mantra is “key” which helps to open the door to communicating with god. Mantra is used in many Indian spiritual scriptures in the Sanskrit language.

Sages in ancient India also use the mantra for meditation purposes.

It helps them to maintain the focus on their path of salvation or liberty from this world.

The vibration produced after the chant of the sacred mantra helps to remove the unusual background chatter in the mind during meditation.

It helps to calm the mind and nervous system. These spiritual sounds also play a vital role to heal physical and emotional self.

The mantra used in any Indian Philosophy is in the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is also known as the language of the gods.


“The mantra is the key to connect or communicate with self-consciousness”

Meditation Mantras for Beginners

In today’s fast-moving world no one has enough time to find the answer and introspect self what they really want, what is the main purpose of their life.

Thereafter they feel depressed and got anxiety, stress, lose their confidence. To rejuvenate that confidence and find the answers to their question they need to meditate.

Meditate with the mantra, everyone needs a mantra a “key” for their life to make it understood.

For beginners, it is quite difficult to adapt the circumstances like this because of their daily unstable routine and diet, but step by step and gradually anyone could make it better.

There are some useful instructions down below for beginners that one could follow to attain the all benefits of mantra meditation:-

  • In the beginning, one should first learn how to sit for long on mat.
  • Control the smooth and quiet breathing is a little bit sophisticated. So, learn some breathing techniques from Pranayama Practices.
  • Do some practices of Asana and Pranayama before starting the meditation, it will help beginners to take a chance to control the disturbance on the body and the mind produce after the practice through the meditation process.
  • Choose a mantra from your teacher or practice with some universal mantra such as “OM” a-u-m, “OM Namah Shivaay, or “so-ham”.
  • Always choose a quiet place, without any kind of interruption, so one could feel the energy of the outer environment and air.
  • Try to improve the strength of meditation and try to use different mantra in the supervision of an experienced teacher.


Mantra Meditation Benefits

The benefits provided by Meditation using the chanting of sacred mantra is remarkable.

There are many ways of using the mantra during the process of meditation, sometimes chanting out of the mouth is required but in some cases the utterance of mantra done inside the mind.

During meditation, there is a special procedure of breathing, it should be calm and smooth without any interruption.

  • Mantra helps to build a path by its vibration, helps to maintain the balance in our mind.
  • It helps to low down anger issues, anxiety, and depression also.
  • It helps to activate the chakras presented in our body by focusing on it during the process of the mantra meditation and empower the functioning of our nervous system.n
  • Sharpen the mind, improves focus, normalizes the heart, and give a remarkable effect on the immune system also.
  • It helps to take control of all the senses organ of the body including mind.
  • Mantra helps to emphasize the power of consciousness, which builds an aura outside of the body. This aura prevents the body and mind from all the negative energy.
  • Mantra meditation in yogic tradition mainly used to reach the ultimate goal of yoga which is the final destination(Raja Yoga), liberty, and salvation from all kinds of bonds of this external world.
  • Mantra is the secret “key” to connect yourself to the cosmic energy of the universe.
  • It helps to create a new vision to see the world which improves the quality of life and society also where we live.

Meditation and Its Benefits

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