What is Yoga Introduction and Importance

Yoga Introduction

Before initiating the path of Yoga we have to understand, What is yoga? If we believe that doing some posture (Asanas) or doing Meditation for long is the Yoga practice then this belief is not exactly Yoga.

Yoga is not limited to just doing some posture (Asanas), Pranayama, or Meditation.

According to Indian mythology and Vedas (ancient write of Hindus), there is a belief of reincarnation in which our physical body is just a medium to our soul for action (karma) and soul comes out of the body whenever we die and change the body.

We get the birth as humans after taking birth 84, 00,000 times and by taking birth, again and again, we have to face fear and pain of death.

To get rid of taking birth and feeling pain, again and again, we need to achieve the state of Nirvana (Moksha), Nirvana is a state where we made the consequence of Karma is zero.

To attain Nirvana there are several paths and  Yoga is one of them.

In this way, we have to achieve some steps in which Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation are included.

Eventually when we attach our soul (Atma) to the supreme power (Paramatma) of the universe and this attachment is known as “Yoga”.


In simple terms Yoga means in Sanskrit and Hindi is “sum” or “add” and union. The word Yoga comes from the root of “Yuj” in Sanskrit.

Nowadays we are using the elements of Yoga in our daily life such as Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation, etc.

Also, we modernize the form of yoga for Health and other purposes.

Earlier in India, it is believed that the path of yoga is only for those who didn’t want to attach him or herself with the world socially or individually attach with any relation, that’s why they break the bond of all relation and went for the search of peace where they find all answer of basic questions of life like Who am I? Why are we here in the world? What is the purpose of life?

Yoga is the way by which we may find all the answers to our question but only then when we believe.

Accomplishing several steps and by experiencing it we can know What Yoga really is?

Yoga Importance

  • By using the elements of Yoga like Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation, etc we could improve our ability of mind and body.
  • It helps to reduce the circumference of our mind which helps to maintain the focus and concentration for what we need to do or not.
  • Yoga serves an important purpose in human life which helps to acknowledge the true reality of the world and our life.
  • It helps to understand the presence of our life in this world by which one individual could improve his rest of life.
  • Yoga improves the self-awareness of mind and controls the power of our senses.
  • Yogic practice helps to remove the impurities from the body as well as mind.
  • With a healthy mind and body, one individual could serve a good purpose for mankind.


10 Benefits of Yoga

Origin of Yoga

There is no such evidence that who made yoga or where it’s come from but according to Indian mythology and Vedas(ancient Script) it is believed that Yoga is originated in ancient Indian by Lord Shiva or Adiyogi (God of destruction) who first gave the knowledge of Yoga to his profound disciples Saptrishi(Seven Sages).

After that, they carried this fruitful knowledge across the different parts of the world from where it comes to us.

Now there are several forms of Yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga (eight limbs Yoga), etc but the main purpose of all is the same “Nirvana”.

Hatha yoga is the ancient one among all the forms of yoga. Hatha means persistence, doing something with persistence known as Hatha Yoga.

In Astanga Yoga, there are Eight limbs that we have to follow or accomplish each limb to attain the last state “Samadhi”.

Yoga in the Modern World

In our modern world people think that Yoga just for flexibility or mindfulness, yes it is true it makes your body healthy and calms your mind but there is a question? how much could we live our life if we don’t know the reason behind it if we don’t know who we are, how we have to treat others.

If we are using the elements of yoga then we should be supposed to use it properly and respect the knowledge we are gaining from it.

What you learn from it we must have to implement it and make our society a good space of living.

The path to attaining the Nirvana for people like us is very hard or impossible but we could make ourselves better by which we can change our world and that is what Yoga teaches us.

The foremost aim of Yoga is to understand one’s personality which means our mind, body, emotions, and intellect.

With which we can able to understand the connection between the one individual and universe. On the path of Yoga, it empowers your mind and body to think and react differently.

We can say that our mind is like a universe, it can suggest you the number of possibilities which is uncountable but there is a need of a connection to understand and if we could make a connection with it so we can find the answers of our all doubts and yoga is the way from where we can gain the power of concentration and focus to make a connection with it.

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