Yoga Poses For Depression

What is Depression?

Depression, that word is the most common mental disorder among people nowadays whether it happens to a 12 yr old kid or 60 yr old man.

It is also a cause of many severe diseases like a loss in appetite, Hypertension, Paralysis, etc. but in some cases, it may lead to suicide which is not right.

Quiting is not the solution to any problem.


Depression is a state of mind where it feels low, sad, alone, exhausted, disinterested, etc.

Depression is not a disease sometimes it limited for a short time period but in some cases, it lasts longer.

Depression can have many causes but mainly it happens due to bad relationships, addiction to alcohol, excessive life stress, and health problems, etc.

According to the ancient scriptures of India, the main cause of depression is expectations, whenever our expectation is not completed we got depressed whether it is related to our relationships or any work.

When we start focusing on our work (aim) instead of expectations then we find that it prevents our mind from all mental disorders.


In Yoga, there are several poses and practice to cure this disorder of the mind and it is given below:-

Before starting any practice of Yogasana Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is recommended for 5 mins.

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) for Beginners

Shavasana (Dead Pose)

  • This pose is very simple to perform but difficult to be stable in it.
  • First, lie flat on your back on the mat.
  • Spread hand little away from body and palms facing upside
  • Spread the legs shoulder level.
  • Relax and close eyes slowly, feel the breath throughout the whole body.
  • Do not move any part of the body until the comeback.

Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

  • Lie flat on your belly on the mat, eyes facing forward.
  • Lift the chin up and support with palms.
  • Deep breath in and out until the comeback then relax.

Balasana (Child Pose)

  • Kneel down on the mat, toes flat to the mat.
  • Stretch the arms forward.
  • Relax the head down and breath deeply

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

  • Lie flat on your belly on the mat, eyes facing forward.
  • Bend legs from knees and grab it with both the palms.
  • Inhale deep and lift thigh up from back, and chest from forward.
  • Exhale when comeback to normal.

Halasana (Plough Pose)

  • Lie flat on the back breath normal.
  • Lift up legs at 90 degrees to the ground.
  • Lift hips up and support back with hands.
  • Firmly place legs to the ground beyond the head.
  • Legs should be straight and hands on the mat palms facing down.
  • If necessary then support back with palms.
  • Come back slowly and do the counterpose Matsya Asana.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

  • It is the counterpose of inversion pose like Halasana, Savangasana, and Karnapeed Asana, etc.
  • Lie flat on back legs and hands straight palm facing down.
  • With the support of elbow lift chest up and head down.
  • Don’t put the weight on the head it should be on elbows.
  • One variation of this Asana is doing Padmasana with legs and grab the big toe, rest all is the same.



The above poses have a better influence on the digestion, respiratory and nervous systems.

At the time of depression, a person loses their appetite which reduces his strength and causes diseases.

The above practice help in bring back a good appetite and reduces depression.

Above there are some relaxation poses that help to remove the tension from the body and mind, provide lightness.

There are some other ways that help and motivate the person who is suffering from depression.


To cop with depression, Acceptance is the key. Accept the situation where you are and try to figure it out. It only happens when the mind is relaxed, and with some yogic practice, we can achieve stability.

Look into self

See yourself, there is only you in this world who will help you first.

Do not try to neglect self ability, we always know the way how to deal with any extreme situation, that’s how we evolved. If you can’t find outside then look inside.


Believe is a very big word to understand and very much essential equipment to feel always motivated.

Without believe no one can imagine doing impossible things. Believe me, there is a way, believe me, we can do this, believe me, it worked.

No one saw the power of Yogic practices but there is only believe which help them to find the answer of all unsloved, unasked question.

Note:- If someone is suffering from this problem then it is become very necessary to talk immediately to someone, maybe with your companion, or any doctor. Do not hesitate because life always gives a chance to win and improve, as long as you are alive.


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